Active Retirement Communities Across the U.S.

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Active retirement communities come in as many shapes and sizes as their residents. If you think you’ll benefit from the on-site activities, social opportunities and autonomy offered at senior independent living facilities, you haven’t even scratched the surface! Specialized active living communities are popping up all over the country for ski-buffs, golf bums and sun seekers alike. Read on to see if life in a specialized independent living facility might be for you.

Active Retirement Communities: Golf Focused

Golf is a sport for the introspective. Self-challenging, physically strong early risers often gravitate toward golf like moths to a flame. The sport gives them a social outlet, physical challenge and an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors all at once. Active retirement communities on golf courses offer some of the most exquisite grounds available at independent living facilities today. Manicured lawns, private backyard views and winding gold cart lanes add interest and functionality to an already superb situation.

Top places to find that ideal, golf-focused independent living facility include Palm Springs, CA; Tampa and Orlando, FL; Seattle, WA; Austin and Dallas, TX; and Los Vegas, NV.

Independent Living Facilities for “Outdoorsy” Types

Active, outdoorsy seniors have been trekking up snow-capped mountains, across prairies and down endless beaches since before the independent living facility got its start. But now that it’s a formidable industry, one would be amiss not to take advantage of the adventure and physical challenge it offers its residents.

Ski-buffs and mountaineers will share a draw toward active retirement communities in Salt Lake City, UT; Aspen, Vail and Denver, CO; Stowe, VT; and Bend, OR. Those who prefer sandy beaches and boating will gravitate toward Oahu, HI; Martha’s Vineyard, MA; the Florida Keys; San Diego, CA; and Outer Banks NC.

An Independent Living Facility for the Avid Sun Seeker

The sun is healing to aging joints and softens stiff muscles. In addition, the healthy doses of vitamin D available at the sunniest active retirement communities ensure a higher rate of resident satisfaction and stave away those rainy-day blues. Warm, sunny climates draw more seniors to independent living facilities than do any other climate.

If you are a sun seeker, and you’d love the opportunity to move somewhere with plenty of bright yellow days, look for an independent living facility in Yuma, Phoenix or Tucson, AZ; Redding, CA; El Paso, TX; Las Vegas or Reno, NV; Albuquerque, NM; or St. Petersburg, FL.

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