Independent Retirement Living and the Family

independent retirement livingEveryone can benefit when you move into an independent living community.

The draw is easy to understand. With pools, entertainment theaters, parks, fitness centers, tennis courts and golf courses, independent retirement living communities offer perks that the whole family will love. Thankfully, independently living seniors have come up with some safeguards to protect their resources, while still providing incentive for social visits from family and friends.

Learn about your family’s role in the process when you decide to join an independent living community.

Independent Retirement Living and You

First and foremost, your decision to join an independent living community is a personal one. Active senior communities provide you with a unique mix of privacy and self-directed social interaction in a respectful community of adults who value continued health and wellness. When you (or you and your spouse or partner) make the move, you are making an autonomous decision based on your own thoughts and desires.

Of course, you will probably consider the needs and desires of your close family and friends like you would with any move. Their location, interests and availability will likely play a role in your decision-making process. So to help you with that aspect of the decision, we hope to give you an idea of what you can expect for your family when you move into independent retirement living.

What an Independent Living Community Offers Your Family

Since the vast majority of dwellings in active adult communities are user-owned, you will be able to invite visitors of any age to your home or apartment at any time. Unlike assisted living facilities or other senior care homes, independent retirement living steers clear of strict policies like visiting hours.

Additionally, you will likely be able to invite visitors to join you to partake in any number of the amenities located onsite. Typical policies allow visiting adults and children to accompany home-owners to the pool, share a tennis court, join a golf foursome or watch a movie in the entertainment room. Very few allow guests free access to amenities without member supervision. Some specialized amenities may require visitors to sign a waiver and/or pay a single-use fee. For example, visitors who wish to use the weight room or spa, or rent a facility boat may have to pay a set fee or purchase a service.

Find Independent Living for Seniors

When it comes to independent living, seniors enjoy a wide variety of communities. The benefits of independent retirement living in a planned community include a respectful adult atmosphere and a shared commitment to health and social interaction, as well as a nice variety of visitors that add to the mix.

If you’re looking for a rich, resort-like atmosphere in an independent living community, you will certainly find family members who will get excited about the prospect too! Use this draw to your advantage when you downsize and ask them to store their own boxes! Or more realistically, use the fact to assure yourself that independently living seniors can have their amenities, and share them too.

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