All About Independent Senior Living

independent senior livingLearn the exciting truth about the new world of independent living communities!

Retirement is a term that’s definition has changed drastically in recent years. Today’s retirees are after adventure and challenge. They want to give back to society, teach others and expand their reach to beyond what it was in their pre-retirement days. These active adults need a springboard from which to launch their second lives. Independent senior living homes are designed to provide these vigorous individuals and couples with just that. Learn more about what independent living has to offer you below.

What is Independent Senior Living?

Independent senior living is a term that describes planned communities available exclusively to relatively healthy seniors over a certain age. The most typical age restriction is 55+, but independent living communities with 60+, 62+ and 65+ age restrictions are not uncommon. Usually, only one spouse or partner must reach the specified age for a couple to gain access to the community.

Independent living communities are often expansive, well-kept and rich with amenities. They may offer large luxury homes, small cottages, townhomes, condominiums or any combination of housing types. Housing units are generally user-owned, with community areas and yards maintained through homeowners’ association (HOA) dues.

The independent living community’s HOA usually sets accessibility standards for community homes and shared facilities. Dwellings are often one story homes or apartment buildings with elevators. Wide doorways, seats in showers, lever handles and large light switches are among some of the regular offerings in independent senior living homes that allow residents to grow older without additional customization.

What Can I Expect From Independent Living Communities?

Some consider senior independent living to offer the resort lifestyle people dream of their whole lives. Below is a list of some common amenities available at active adult communities across the nation:

  • Swimming pools
  • Spas
  • Beaches
  • Parks
  • Golf courses
  • Tennis courts
  • Shuffleboard courts
  • Fitness centers
  • Hiking trails
  • Boat rentals
  • Ski access
  • Workshops
  • Hobby rooms
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Games and billiards rooms
  • Media rooms
  • Lecture halls
  • Chapels
  • Arts and crafts rooms
  • Clubhouses
  • Active adult retail facilities
  • Medical facilities
  • Transportation
  • Outings

Of course, few single independent living communities offer all of the above amenities. Depending on location, price and setting, you will find anywhere from a few to nearly all of the amenities listed above. Regardless, the point is clear. Independent senior living offers some of the most exciting, challenging, social and personally enriching experiences out there today.

Retirement certainly isn’t what it used to be. These resort-like independent living options with settings as varied as their locations offer seniors (and their visitors) an opportunity to escape to the exciting world they’ve worked so hard to arrive at their whole lives.

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